Thursday, June 17, 2021



Not a lot of room for optimism in a drought, however, there is this;  ripe tomatoes!!

  Not enough for market this weekend,  however,  I think by next weekend there will be enough to share.

    I won't be at the market this weekend.   Too much crop management.  

Next weekend I'll be back at it... harvesting and baking 

  I've been thinking about the drought.   Brings back a lot of memories from 1988.

 That year is etched in every farmers mind in this region.  I lost my shirt.   

    Dealing with it, drought, is like trying to solve a puzzle that you know doesn't have a solution.

   Or maybe playing a superior chess player and in your heart and mind, you know you can't win,  so you try to at least avoid blundering the Queen.   

   It's like that 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Monday, April 19, 2021

Transplanting Tomatoes

We transplanted tomatoes this past week.   A lot of work.  We chisel plow, then rototill, then dig trenches, fill trenches with a layer of alfalfa pellets, then compost, then cover and transplant    The tomatoes benefit greatly from the effort.   

Also, we added a heater and circulating fans this year thanks in part to a grant from the mill city market next stage grant program;  I'm sure glad to have it these cold nights.  Thank you everyone who contribute to the fund and thank you all who buy our tomatoes.   ... I think I found some flower buds forming today.

The rhubarb is progressing nicely and I expect to have a bit of it by Mother's Day weekend.   

This coming weekend,  April 24,  I'll be at the market with honey,  sweet breads and sourdough 



Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Dutchman's breaches / compost time

Busy time of year, also beautiful and new each day.  I do my best to get out to the woods every day.
There's a market this weekend.  April 10 ... mill city market 
 I'll be there with breads, honey and probably some ginger snap cookies!


Monday, March 8, 2021

Feels like spring!!??

March has felt like spring so far ... 
 Tapping trees,  tending young tomato plants 
Working on some greenhouse projects and prep work.   Going to get awful busy soon 
 There's two Mill City markets this month.   The 13th and 27th I believe 
I'll be at both with honey,  squash bread, tomato bread,  sourdough and maybe a few other surprises too 
 Let's hope 


Monday, February 8, 2021

February market?

 Yes,  there's a market this weekend,  the 13th ....  I'm sorry,  I won't be there.   It's just too cold.  I've been working outside quite a bit and in seems like an hour or so is the most I can work,  then I have to come in to warm up.    Ive got some projects started.   We're going to put up another hoop house this spring and heat on of the main high tunnels.    The idea is more and earlier tomatoes.    Will seed tomatoes Saturday instead of going to market.

  I'll be there March and April;  honey, sweet breads,  sourdough and maybe some apple galette! 



Monday, January 4, 2021

Hey, there's a market day coming!!

 January 9th,  mill city farmers market,  10am - noon 

 I've been out skiing and working on seed orders and practically forgot there's a market day coming up.   I'll be there;  squash bread,  sourdough bread,  honey.   I've been working on a honey Apple galette for the market but that will have to wait until February.